Wide Array of Application and Expanding Market

Proteoglycans’ powers of “Water retention power (moisturizing power)”,

“Pharmaceutical-As main ingredient for artificial organs” and “As Functional Food and Supplement Ingredient” have been confirmed and proteoglycan is very different from Hyaluronic acid and collagen.


Wide array of uses in the following business fields are expected in near future.


(1)As Functional Food and Supplement Ingredient

◎Improves blood circulation as functional food and supplement

◎Used as indigestible functional foods


(2)As Ingredient for Cosmetic Products

◎For products requiring an even higher moisturizing effect than existing products

◎A promising ingredient for anti-aging cosmetics


(3)Pharmaceutical-As main ingredient for artificial organs

◎Treatment of osteoarthritis, etc.

◎Treatment for infections

◎Treatment for neoplastic intestinal disease

◎Bone forming enhancer

◎Artificial organ

◎Remedy for constipation

◎Hepatocyte regeneration agent


"Expanding Market": Our products with the features of “safety”, “high purity” and “low price” can be used for raw materials conforming to the above-stated purposes; and expanding market on these industries is expected in near future.


“Safety”: It can be safely taken orally or applied topically. There is no need to worry about side effects. All salmon raw materials are certified of Hokkaido origin, and definitely not farmed imported salmons. Reagents used in the extraction and purification process are all approved food additives. Manufacturing is done in a “clean room” environment and factory hygiene is planned to be certified by HACCP.


“High Purity” :It is highly pure. Proteoglycan content in the solid content is about 90%, fat protein other than proteoglycan is about 10%.


“Low Price”: It is low-priced. It is basically shipped in dry powder form. Price can vary depending on the order quantity, please contact us in advance.

Functional Food and Supplement Ingredient

Anti-Aging Cosmetics

Main Ingredient for Artificial Organs

High Purity, Certified of Hokkaido Origin