Unmodified Type II Collagen

“Unmodified collagen” literally means a collagen that does not undergo modification; it remains very close to the state of the collagen inside the body, as it is absorbed into the body.

Extracting ingredients usually employs heat treatment as well as acid-alkali chemical processes. Those manufactured without hydrolysis treatment, has the unmodified protein characteristics. Once ingested, “modified” type collagen, is decomposed by the intestinal gastric acid and oxygen; and by the time it is absorbed into the body, has become amino acid and protein.

“Unmodified” type collagen, maintain its structure until the time it is absorbed into the body allowing the body to absorb it more efficiently.

Unmodified Type II Collagen is not sold by itself; it is combined with proteoglycan to be used as a formulated food ingredient or “complex”.


 Salmon Collagen Proteoglycan (SCP) Complex      

The third vital biological component following collagen and hyaluronic acid, the proteoglycan (30% content); and the main component of the articular cartilage, the unmodified type II collagen (40% content); are blended together to achieve the best balance on this next generation hybrid food ingredient.

There are several types of collagen, type I, type II, type III, etc. but, only type II collagen has been recognized to support joint health. When ingested, unmodified type II collagen does not decompose into amino acid and reaches up to the small intestine while maintaining its high molecular structure.

In addition, the “epitope” present in the unmodified type II collagen, is responsible for making it highly absorbable by the body;

By mixing togetherunmodified type II collagen with proteoglycan, we obtain a highly effective SCP complex for supporting healthy joint function.

Recommended dosage         25mg or more per day