Product Composition

The main raw material, "proteoglycans" are extracts from the Hokkaido salmon nasal cartilage; a 100% natural and safe material.

The components of a salmon cartilage is about 90% “water”; and type II collagen, including proteoglycan was only about 5-6%. More than 90% of proteoglycans contained in the salmon nose cartilage, extracted for several hours is the a- ”Proteoglycan”.



Proteoglycan is a kind of “glycoprotein” consisting of sugar chains bonded to a core protein; it is one of the components that configure the human cartilage and skin.Next to collagen and hyaluronic acid, it is the supplement recommended for beautiful skin; and a functional food for healthy joints.

Proteoglycans, found in the dermis layer deep into the skin, are the components responsible for water retention, as well as cushioning function for the skin and joints.

Due to its feather-like structure, proteoglycan has water retention and cushioning property 30% more than that of hyaluronic acid.

Proteoglycan has a property similar to EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) which promotes skin cell regeneration. As, compared to EGF, proteoglycan is proven to be more effective in promoting cell proliferation, making it a very attractive beauty substance. 


Our Company Handles 3 Kinds of Products:


Our company’s proteoglycan is the “Proteoglycan” powder with high purity of above 90%. Dilution of this material can significantly impact price variations.


Practically, proteoglycan is still a premium and expensive material. Accordingly, we have developed a more affordable hybrid material that includes proteoglycan (30%); and unmodified type II collagen- also a major component of the cartilage (40%); this is the new material b- ”complex” for joint health support.


For cosmetic applications, a water-soluble material  ”Proteoglycan AQA”  is also available. Water-soluble proteoglycan with a concentration of 12.5% *, is a new material which can be applied topically for beautiful skin and can be purchased at an affordable price.

*1 Proteoglycan concentrated liquid solution (proteoglycan solids 8%) formulated mixture of 12.5% concentration


SAFETY  It can be safely taken orally or applied topically, and has no side effects. All salmon raw materials are certified of Hokkaido origin, and definitely not farmed imported salmons. Reagents used in the extraction and purification process are all approved food additives. Manufacturing is done in a “clean room” environment and factory hygiene is planned to be certified by HACCP.

HIGH PURITY  Our product has a high purity rate. Proteoglycan content in the solid material is about 90%, fat protein other than proteoglycan is about 10%.

LOW PRICE  Our product is reasonably priced. It is basically shipped in dry powder form. Price can vary depending on the order quantity, please contact us in advance.