Privacy Policy

Saichy Corporation is committed to protecting your privacy. Personal information that you provide on our web site, will be handled carefully in accordance with the "Principle of Protection of Personal Information".

1. Definition of Personal Information

For Saichy Corporation, personal information refers to any information pertaining to a living individual defined in the “Personal Information Protection Act” under the Japanese Law, (name, date of birth, and other information that can identify a specific individual); as well as information associated and used by a specific individual such as email address, username, and password; and personal information pertaining to general preferences, family structure, age, and other attributes identifiable to a specific individual.


2. Purpose of using Personal Information

Personal information provided by customers on this website shall not be used for purposes other than the following:

(1) If the company needs to contact you for some reason

(2) Statistical analysis for the purpose of improving products and services provided to you by our company and this website

(3) If there is consent from our customer

(4) To deliver relevant information on products and services that might be beneficial to our customers


3. Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information provided by our customers shall not be provided or disclosed to any third party except for the following cases:

(1)If there is consent from the individual concerned

(2)If it must be disclosed on the basis of the law

4. Security Measures

Our company implements security measures to prevent loss, modifications, and misuse of your personal information in all websites we manage. 

5. Personal information on Linked Pages

In order to provide useful information and services to customers in this website, there are cases wherein we provide some links to websites of other companies and organizations. With regards to the handling of personal information collected and carried out at the linked website, our company shall not be held responsible. In this case, we request to please use your own judgment.

6. Safety Management and Employee Supervision

In order to prevent leakage, damage or loss of personal information, Saichy Corporation has established Personal Information Protection Regulations and make necessary and appropriate supervision of its employees.

7. Changes in website Privacy Policy Contents

If there are changes in the contents listed on this page, you will be notified to that effect in this website.

8.Contact Us

Please contact us regarding any concern about the handling of your personal information on this website.

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