in a wealth of human network,
with wisdom, we shall strive to
enhance the earth,  enhance the world, 
and enhance each lifestyle,
while caring for the environment
Salmon Proteoglycan

In Ainu language salmon is called “kamuichieibu”; “kamui” meaning God, and “chieibu” meaning fish; salmon was believed to be the fish God has bestowed.

Since ancient times it was believed in Japan that salmon “has a hidden power”. The nasal cartilage in the salmon’s head was said to be the jewel of the sea.                      

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Unmodified Type II Collagen

“Unmodified type II collagen” is the only type of collagen which allows the intestinal immune system to recognize it as “nutrient” instead  “foreign matter”. It reaches the small intestine in its unmodified form, allowing the body to use it as “collagen" instead of breaking it down to protein and amino acids.

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Cell Avantage II

Proteoglycan Food Ingredient



Proteo Serum

Proteoglycan AQA

Proteoglycan/ Type II Collagen Complex

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